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Mindset Check with Katanya Nova

Katanya Nova

Mindset Check® is an innovative approach curated by Katanya Nova, drawing on sophisticated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and Emotional Intelligence principles. Over the past decade and a half, Katanya has refined this methodology through her personal development and healing journey. Today, she extends her invaluable insights to clients and a broad social media following of over 100,000, teaching them to cultivate awareness and develop the ability to navigate life's hurdles with grace. Through Mindset Check®, Katanya offers a transformative perspective to foster an optimistic view of life. She crafts and shares uplifting Mindset Check® messages, encouraging a shift towards positive thinking. Central to her philosophy is the conviction that our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, energy, and words shape our reality. To explore Katanya's work and discover how to transform your mindset, visit www.katanyanova.com.