Mindset Check with Katanya Nova

From Emotional Chaos to Conscious Control

June 11, 2023 Katanya Nova Season 2 Episode 5
Mindset Check with Katanya Nova
From Emotional Chaos to Conscious Control
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Do you ever feel like your emotions have taken control of you, leaving you struggling to make positive changes in your life? Are you feeling weighed down by negativity and stress? We've got you covered in this episode as we dive deep into emotional intelligence and self-development. Katanya shares insights on cultivating self-awareness, self-attunement, and self-management while discussing the fascinating topics of numerology, life after death, and coping with traumatic experiences. Get ready to take the driver's seat of your life and become the person you always needed.

But what about the impact of negative conditioning from previous generations? In this revealing discussion, we acknowledge the fear-based thinking patterns inherited from our parents and grandparents, emphasizing the importance of forgiving them and ourselves. 

Katanya shares how you can upgrade your emotional operating system and release those suppressed feelings. We talk about the power of intentional thinking, the importance of mindfulness practices, and how having a North Star goal can align you with your core values and bring peace to your life. 

Learn how to break free from these detrimental habits, set healthy boundaries, and manage your energy to achieve a more balanced work-life situation. Tune in now and take the first step towards a transformational personal growth and self-empowerment journey.

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Emotional Intelligence and Self-Development
Upgrade OS, Release Negativity, Honor Emotions
Breaking Free From Negative Conditioning
Managing Your Energy and Work-Life Balance